Via de Cristo weekends have a life long impact on our lives.  Whether you only ever attend your first weekend or you dive in and serve on a team (or many teams), each weekend brings you closer to God, changing your life forever.  Please enjoy some testimonials from our Via de Cristo community. 

VdC IS AN AWESOME experience that God uses people to show His love in a real presence. God has used VDC to strengthen his children and kick started some of his less active children.

Jerry Schnarr, Rector Men’s #55

The VDC community to me is the body of Christ being in motion. United by the great commission Matthew 28: 16-20, we are in the world making disciples and spreading the GOOD NEWS. The community is a support system to encourage and help the ultimate goal of bringing others to Christ.

Luke Deaton, Men’s 65

I firmly believe that VDC has bettered my life as well as given me a much better understanding of God’s Grace and my relationship with him. Both me, as well as my wife Sylvia, have been active and involved in many VCD teams as well as attending the Ultreas. It is also most rewarding in developing lasting friendships with fellow Christians that we have met at the many VDC gatherings and events we have attended. Thanks for asking. God loves you and so do we!

John(Men’s #43) & Sylvia (Women’s #45) Ugstad

It is a special gathering of spiritual folks like you and me to share in God’s love through sharing with others’ stories, experiences, strengths and hopes of our spiritual journey and difficulties.

I begin on day 1 today through day 4 for the rest of my life… a life with Jesus through sharing stories, personal experiences, learning about celebrating through all aspects of the VdC way, i.e. teaching, singing, praying, communion, sharing, enjoy fun meals, costumes, laughter, crying… taking walks, serving for the group in various roles during the times there are group meetings or retreats that one can attend.

Experienced a way of praying for the groups although I was at home praying rather than attending. That was awesome.

Volunteered to be a service person to help out at the next retreat even though I was unable to complete my commitment. I met a bunch of new beautiful people at the service planning meeting for an upcoming camp meeting.

Fellowshipped with other VdC groups all over the United States.

A renewal for me on how to be more present and loving … . as a VdC member, sharing the Way of Christ “Via de Christo” way: Sharing Jesus as my high consciousness and being able to show my love to myself and others the best way possible.

Jeannette Brumfield, Coed #23

My VdC experience was several years ago. A lot has happened in my life since that life-changing weekend. A lot has changed in my world, as well as in the world in general since then. But one constant has been my memories of and appreciation for my Via de Cristo weekend, my sponsor and all the wonderful people who contributed to giving me the gift of a spiritual awakening.

I consider the VdC Community to be a kinship of fellow disciples of Christ who helped and participated in my weekend, and those countless others who have been involved in other weekends, whom I consider to be friends–no, brothers and sisters–I have not yet met. It’s a special association of ordinary people who bring extraordinary blessings to then “strangers”, who then join this group of earthly angels during their respective weekends.

In short, the VdC Community is an affiliation of people to whom I feel a special kinship, for whom I always pray, by whom I am blessed, and through whom I have learned the reality of and better understanding of the greatest of all gifts — GRACE freely offered by Jesus.

I love them all without even knowing most of them. And I pray for our blessings to be passed on to broaden our Community every weekend.

Larry Gajderowicz, Men’s #65

Sometimes a testimonial is so moving that a brief few paragraphs is no where near enough.  Please take a moment and read this wonderful testimonial from Alice Miller, Women’s #78. 

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Georganna’s Gift

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