1. Responsible for Prayer palanca charts, sends and receives Palanca to and from around the world for weekends
  2. Prayer Vigil Palanca charts for INKY Weekends
    1. Sets up on-line Prayer Vigil Palanca Sign-up Charts for all weekends. Reaches out to VdC community to ensure all slots are filled.
    2. Prints 72-hour Prayer Vigil Charts and delivers to Palanca chas for display at each weekend
  3. Prayer Palanca for/from other VdC and other Movements
    1. Actively prays for and sends prayer Palanca to other 3-day weekend movements throughout the country and world. Involves community to also support them in prayer.
    2. Solicits and receives Prayer Palanca from Secretariats around the world. Prints and delivers to Palanca chas for sharing for each weekend.
  4. Other
    1. Emails weekend photo and Name listing to pilgrims and rector within one week of their weekend
    2. Educates INKY VdC community o the importance of prayer palanca
    3. Participates in Secretariat meetings and function
    4. Support other Secretariat members with their needs and responsibilities
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