Secretariat Chair Descriptions

Secretariat Description

  1. Has monthly meetings by phone or in person.
  2. Participates in meetings and functions.
  3. Approves expenditures outside of normal operating costs.
  4. Community communications
    1. Education
    2. Newsletters
    3. Emails
    4. Personal
  5. Supports each other.
  6. Recruit, train and pass on info for future secretariat members.
  7. Maintains and updates documentation and contacts for position.
    1. Keep chair documentation updated and accurate on Google Drive.

Lay Director

  1. Must be a former Rector
  2. Must have held a position on the Secretariat
  3. Must be a Lutheran
  4. Sits on the committee for all Rector selection
  5. President of INKY VdC
  6. Preside over all meetings
    1. Schedule
    2. Set agendas
    3. Call meetings
    4. Develop subcommittees
  7. Lead VdC, Secretariat, Community as lead by the Holy Spirit
  8. Support individuals of the Secretariat
  9. Outreach responsibilities
    1. Denominational and Pastoral level
  10. Liaison to National VdC Secretariat

Spiritual Director

  1. INKY Spiritual Director is first to be a person of prayer for the INKY Secretariat, our National Secretariat, and local teams and pilgrims.
  2. The SD is present, as able, at the called meetings of INKY and offer a devotional and prayer before the beginning of the meeting. They would also participate in conference calls.
  3. The Spiritual Director represents INKY at the National Lutheran Secretariat Gatherings held annually. INKY would pay the registration fees and travel expenses.
  4. The Spiritual Director would be responsible for obtaining spiritual directors for the various weekends north and south in communication with INKY leadership and rectors.
  5. The Spiritual Director represents INKY and VDC to local pastors, Synod and ELCA.


  1. Must be a Past Rector and very experienced and active in the INKY VdC movement.
    1. Should be a current or past member of the Secretariat
  2. Coordinates call committee for Rector selection
  3. Calls Rectors
  4. Trains Rectors, Head team and team members thru individual and group meetings.
  5. Is available for questions, mentoring and conflict resolution to assist teams throughout the weekend preparation.
  6. Coordinates manuals and scripts
  7. Serves as a mentor to the rectors


  1. Keep accurate and official records.
    1. Secretariat meetings
    2. Business meeting
  2. Distribute minutes to Secretariat members within ten(10) days of meeting
  3. Official Secretariat correspondence:
    1. Donation acknowledgment
    2. Banking
  4. Produce Quarterly Newsletter



  1. Follow sound accounting practices
  2. Keep accurate records of income and expenses
  3. Make deposits and write check for expenses in a timely fashion
  4. Reconcile financial accounts monthly
  5. File all state and federal documents to comply with 501-C3 status (tax filings)
  6. Provide Secretariat with financial reports no less that quarterly
  7. Monitor weekend expenses with Head Kitchen Cha
  8. Periodically analyze weekend expenses and report to Secretariat semiannually.


  1. Responsible for Prayer palanca charts, sends and receives Palanca to and from around the world for weekends
  2. Prayer Vigil Palanca charts for INKY Weekends
    1. Sets up on-line Prayer Vigil Palanca Sign-up Charts for all weekends. Reaches out to VdC community to ensure all slots are filled.
    2. Prints 72-hour Prayer Vigil Charts and delivers to Palanca chas for display at each weekend
  3. Prayer Palanca for/from other VdC and other Movements
    1. Actively prays for and sends prayer Palanca to other 3-day weekend movements throughout the country and world. Involves community to also support them in prayer.
    2. Solicits and receives Prayer Palanca from Secretariats around the world. Prints and delivers to Palanca chas for sharing for each weekend.
  4. Other
    1. Emails weekend photo and Name listing to pilgrims and rector within one week of their weekend
    2. Educates INKY VdC community of the importance of prayer palanca
    3. Participates in Secretariat meetings and function
    4. Support other Secretariat members with their needs and responsibilities


To Be Determined

Pre Weekend

  1. Approve Pilgrims and Sponsor applications
  2. Maintains database via constant contact and website
  3. Communication with Pilgrims and Sponsors
    1. Responsibilities of Sponsors
  4. Provide Weekend Rosters
  5. Provide sign in sheets to weekends
  6. Provide Pilgrim detail (spouse, family, food needs…) to Rector, Head cha, Head Kitchen cha and Palanca cha.


  1. Working with both north and south camps to schedule weekends and overnights.
  2. Work with Lutheran resort for Lakeview camp chapel rental.
  3. Review and sign contracts with camps and vendors, then submit to treasurer for payment.
  4. Recruit additional personnel for weekend
    1. Photographer (Friday, pre-lunch)
    2. Organist for closing
    3. Musician and pastor for Serenade
  5. Work with north and south regional coordinators for setup and teardown of the sites. (Contact 30-60 days prior to weekend to confirm supplies and details)
  6. Purchase large order items. (i.e. Crosses, Pilgrims guides, 4th day books, and Palanca bags)

Post Weekend

  1. Coordinate Ultreyas
    1. Liaison to Church
      1. Checklist
      2. Sign in
    2. Acknowledge communities, Pastors present
    3. Highlight weekend
    4. Highlight Reunion groups
    5. Secretariat involvement
  2. Pre Ultreyas
    1. Follow up with sponsors
      1. Challenge them to get involved
      2. Challenge them to be in Reunion Group
      3. Challenge them to get Pilgrim to Ultreya
  3. Post Weekend
    1. Follow up with Pilgrims
      1. Welcome letter and invitation to Ultreya
      2. Card from Secretariat


  1. Funnel Secretariat information to the community in a timely manner using the following technologies.  You don’t need to be a super techy; the user interfaces are easy to use.  An excellent opportunity to learn new skills.
    1. Email (mailchimp)
    2. Web site (INKYVdC.ORG)
    3. Facebook
    4. Newsletter coordinator
  2. Google Drive coordinator

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