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Testimonials from the INKY VdC community

VdC IS AN AWESOME experience that God uses people to show His love in a real presence. God has used VDC to strengthen his children and kick started some of his less active children.
Jerry Schnarr
Rector Men’s #55
The VDC community to me is the body of Christ being in motion. United by the great commission Matthew 28: 16-20, we are in the world making disciples and spreading the GOOD NEWS. The community is a support system to encourage and help the ultimate goal of bringing others to Christ.
Luke Deaton
Men’s 65
I firmly believe that VDC has bettered my life as well as given me a much better understanding of God’s Grace and my relationship with him. Both me, as well as my wife Sylvia, have been active and involved in many VCD teams as well as attending the Ultreas. It is also most rewarding in developing lasting friendships with fellow Christians that we have met at the many VDC gatherings and events we have attended. Thanks for asking. God loves you and so do we!
John & Sylvia Ugstad
Men’s #43 & Women’s #45

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