Covid Planning Guide

Via de Cristo is very excited to welcome teams and pilgrims back to grace-filled, prayer-filled, joyful weekends this fall. We would like to share with you some of the planning and requirements currently in place for those weekends.

Goals of the Fall Planning committee:

  • All those participating will not only be safe but feel safe.
  • Keep as close to normal schedule and activities as possible
  • Build in maximum flexibility
  • Follow all CDC, local and camp guidelines

Participation in the fall weekends:

  • Agree to follow all CDC, local and camp guidelines as well as VdC requirements for all team meetings and the weekend.
  • Request vaccination status from all team members and pilgrims with applications or prior to first gatherings. This information will be held in strict confidence by the weekend leadership – rector, head cha and Covid compliance cha.
  • Face masks to be worn by all indoors (except when eating) if unvaccinated persons are present.
  • Unvaccinated persons will be asked to provide results from a negative covid test within previous 3 days of team meeting or weekend.
  • Sign agreement to abide by covid rules will be included on team and pilgrim applications.

    Team members should be prepared to adapt to whatever covid guidelines are required at the time of the weekend, including mask-wearing.

General Guidelines:

  • Utilize largest available rooms for activities where spend the most time – rollo room and dining hall.
  • Utilize additional or larger cabins for sleeping on the weekends.
  • Utilize open-air or outdoor spaces whenever possible for activities.
  • Additional cleaning and social distancing incorporated where needed.
  • Additional VdC supplies to be provided – disposable masks, gloves, disinfectant spray, wipes, pre-packaged communion supplies.
  • No drinks served at the tables during discussion/posters.
  • Individually packaged drinks and snacks available to be picked up for breaks outside or on patio.
  • Most meal courses prepped and assembled prior to the weekend to minimize close-quarters in the kitchens.
  • Prepackaged communion elements for all worship services.
  • Team numbers overall slightly lower.
  • Focus on activities as “table bubble”. For example, seating together, breaks together, table cha helps with their table’s luggage at send-off
  • All practices and protocols must be strictly adhered to for the safety of everyone. Covid compliance cha can request input from Covid Planning committee as needed on the weekend or prior.
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