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Click the following link to go to the INKY VdC Prayer Chart Sign Up. Teams for the next weekend will be displayed. Please sign up for all the teams if you’re able. If all of the time slots are taken, You can still go ahead and pray. You don’t have to sign up to give the teams your support through prayer.

Prayer Chart Sign Up

If you’re having problems getting started with your prayer vigil here are a couple of suggestions to get you started:

Feed the Weekend

Help feed a team on their weekend. Whether you were asked to be on team and couldn’t or you want to help the INKY VdC community. Sign up for the the next scheduled weekend. If the sheet is outdated, come back closer to the schedule date and try again!

Personal Palanca For the Weekend

Anyone, any reunion group or local community, desiring to contribute some personal palanca for the weekend is encouraged to do so. Please keep in mind that the best and preferred palanca is distributed to everyone. Palanca is a lever that helps move the individual spiritually on the weekend. Everyone enjoys receiving palanca whether it be a note of encouragement, a sweet treat, or other item to help remind them of the weekend.

How does palanca get from you to the weekend participants? Here are a few simple suggestions.

  • First, please let the palanca cha for the weekend know what you are planning to do. This can be done directly or through any team member who can relay the message. The palanca cha will greatly appreciate advanced notice of palanca donations to help plan the weekend.
  • Prepare your palanca in advance. Follow the INKYVDC website for team and Pilgrim rosters to help prepare or obtain the proper amount. Always send a few extras for any last-minute changes. The final Pilgrim roster often is not finalized until the last few days prior to the weekend.
  • Get your palanca into the possession of the palanca cha as early as possible. Here are some ways to do that.
    • Give it directly to the palanca cha before they leave for the weekend.
    • Give it to a team member to deliver when they gather on Thursday. Preferably do this before Thursday because they also have a lot of their own packing and things to gather.
    • The best way is to deliver it yourself. Three opportunities are available to do this. First, take it along when you deliver a Pilgrim to the weekend. Second, should you not be sponsoring a Pilgrim, attend send-off and deliver it then. Your attendance at send-off may be as or more valuable then the palanca you are providing! Finally, you can deliver palanca when you attend the serenade. This applies particularly to any written palanca and is extremely powerful for the Pilgrims.

Providing palanca is a great way to support and participate in the weekend. Enjoy sharing God’s love with those attending a weekend – both Pilgrims and team.


National Palanca

The list below is from and lists all of the 3-day weekends occurring. Take a moment and send them a palanca letter. It will be displayed with the “general” community palanca.

Many communities have prayer vigil charts posted. Invite your reunion group to pray for a weekend movement–or all of them. You can find the list of prayer vigils at: As you know, nothing is more powerful or meaningful than to know someone from another community is praying for you.

A note of precaution: Kairos, KERYX and Epiphany weekends are prison weekends and palanca from outside communities is especially welcome and meaningful. However, for your protection, Palanca should not include your last name, your city, or your church.

View weekends by clicking the link below.
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World Wide Palanca Listing 
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