There are several applications available on this site. Please click here or the “applications” button at the top of the website and select “To Attend.”

Cost should never be an obstacle for attending a weekend. Please reach out to your sponsor or the secretariat should you wish to attend a weekend and need/want help with the cost. Many sponsors/churches pay it forward to provide scholarships for people to attend a weekend.  Whatever your situation, please don’t let cost be the reason not to attend a weekend!

The cost to put on a weekend works out to be $100 per person. This amount covers the entire weekend: transportation to and from the retreat site, all meals and snacks, supplies and accommodations. That fee covers all expenses for the entire weekend. There is no need to bring any extra money on the weekend. The $100 is usually collected at check-in, but should you wish to pay it forward, you can donate through the website or send a check to the INKY treasurer. 

Click the document below for a printable list of items to bring. What to Bring

Your sponsor will provide you with a contact for your family to call in case of emergency.

Yes, you really need a sponsor, because a sponsor can provide you with valuable information. To find a sponsor click Contact Us and send an email to our Lay Director.

Make sure to include your name, your church and city, and which weekend you would like to attend. Also include your phone number so you can be contacted if additional information is required.

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