Brochures & Posters – DELETEME – 4/17/2021


We have three types of brochures for you to download and print for your prospective pilgrims.

The first brochure, ‘one page’, can be printed in color or black and white.  It prints on one page and contains all of the needed information.  Print this brochure using a printer that can print on both the front and the back, and it will print the application on the other side!  Should you need to print only the Information or the application, using Adobe Acrobat Reader, only print the interested page.

The TriFold brochure is designed to be tri-folded to make it handier to give out.  It can be printed in black and white.  However, we recommend you print it in color on both sides (duplex). When you print it on both sides, use the ‘Flip on the short edge’ property of the print dialog.

If you need a copy of these applications with the contact information changed to your local VdC contact information, please email [email protected] with your request to get a customized version to fit your needs.

Brochure Download


We now have a ‘ Walking Together with Christ‘ poster that you can download.  It has a brief engaging overview of what VDC is about.  Additionally, there’s space for you to print your contact information at the bottom.

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