#12 Coed Ky

Rector – He-Shawn Hall

Camp Kavanaugh – Crestwood, KY – August 26 – 29, 2010

#12 Coed's South

Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there will my servant be also. Whoever serves me, the Father will honor.
John 12:26

Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Shawn(He) Hall Rector 1 Josh Cox St. Johns Lutheran Louisville, IN
Chris Otte Head Cha 2 Alice Edwards St. Johns Lutheran Louisville, IN
Bruce Katterhenry Palanca Cha 3 Bruce Edwards St. Johns Lutheran Louisville, IN
Marcia Katterhenr Palanca Cha 4 Sabrina Hamilton Valley View Baptist Louisville, IN
Faye Ransome Head RR 5 Susan Hayden Louisville, IN
Kandy Domina Asst. RR 6 Eugene Kocik Ascension Lutheran Louisville, IN
Fred Kirchhoff III Table Cha 7 Kathryn McClure Baptist Louisville, IN
Verna Noel Table Cha 8 Lucy Offutt St. Johns Lutheran Louisville, IN
Danniel SidiMohamed Table Cha 9 Jessica Sample St. Johns Lutheran Louisville, IN
Jennifer Stumpp Table Cha 10 Linda Spry Christ the Savior Fishers, IN
Kris Nevitt Head Kitchen 11 Denise Tucker St. Johns Lutheran Louisville, IN
Verne Hanson Asst. Kitchen 12
Lisa Gausman Kitchen Cha 13
Sarah Harvey Kitchen Cha 14
Fred Kirchhoff, Jr. Kitchen Cha 15
David Meyer Kitchen Cha 16
Scott Noel Kitchen Cha 17
Karen Schuette Kitchen Cha 18
Bill White Chapel Cha 19
Shawn(She) Hall Chapel Cha 20
Pr. David Smith Spiritual Director 21
Pr. Laura Meier Spiritual Director 22
Pr. Quentin Small Spiritual Director 23
Debbie Hood Ideal 24
Shafaat Dharamsey Laity 25
Frances Kirchhoff Piety 26
Mark Lichlyter Study 27
Barb Wells Leaders 28
Deb Laidlaw Apostolic Action 29
Sarah Lillard Environment 30
Brian Schwarz CCA 31
Laura Cox Silent 32
Mandy Otte Silent 33
Chris Willman Music Cha 34
Ray Chase Music Cha 35

Weekend Rosters

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