Rector – Tom Farrar

Camp Lakeview, Seymour,IN, Oct 31 – Nov 3 2019

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
Psalm 133:1

Picture ID Map

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Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Name Position Name Church City
Rector Tom Farrar 1 Tony Gray Christ Lutheran Church Jeffersontown
Head Cha Sarah Harvey 2 Michael Hill Dillsboro First Baptist Dillsboro
Head Spiritual Director Pastor Bimen 3 Alberta Caughey Good Shepherd Florence
Spiritual Director Rick Kloos 4 Tyler Lynch St John Lutheran Louisville
Spiritual Director Wanda Henderson 5 Jamie Shake St Andrews Speedway
Music Cha LaDonna Strakis 6 Kevin Sullivan Hebron Lutheran Church Hebron
Head Chapel Cha Keith Sholander 7 Debra Baron
Head Chapel Cha Ramona Sholander 8 David Rossi Hebron Lutheran Church Hebron
Asst Chapel Cha Chase Ely 9 Leonora Hill Dillboro First Baptist Dillsboro
Head Rollo Room Cha Sam Browning 10
Asst Rollo Room Cha Kenny Browning 11
Asst Rollo Room Cha Mandy Otte 12
Palanca Cha Chris Otte 13
Table Cha Michelle Ewing 14
Table Cha Ryan Johnson 15
Table Cha Jared Teaney 16
Table Cha Nancy Walsh 17
Head Kitchen Cha Jamie Brown 18
Asst Kitchen Cha Yvonne Stewart 19
Kitchen Cha Shawn Johnson 20
Kitchen Cha Robin Lewis 21
Kitchen Cha Randall Long 22
Kitchen Cha Greg Mankey 23
Kitchen Cha Patti Schnarr 24
Kitchen Cha Melissa Teaney 25
Ideal Professor Tony Gayhart 26
Laity Professor Todd Eckert 27
Piety Professor Eryn Johnson 28
Study Professor Louise Taylor 29
Apostolic Action Professor Wally Lewis 30
Leaders Professor Morgan Bowman 31
Environment Professor Barb Wells 32
CCA Professor Shannon Morrison 33

Weekend Rosters

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