Rector - Amy Watkins

Epworth Forest, North Webster IN – Apr 28 – May 1, 2022

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Hebrews 6:19

Picture ID Map

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Saufina KempGethsemane LutheranFt Wayne
Becky KempGethsemane LutheranFt Wayne
Terrell ClemmonsSt. John LutheranIndianapolis
Zane KonowAscension LutheranFt Wayne
Ryan DunnFt Wayne
Addison RumpCornerstone LutheranIndianapolis
Benjamin RumpCornerstone LutheranIndianapolis
RectorAmy Watkins
Head ChaJoanne Hogle
Spiritual DirectorPr Heather Apel
Spiritual DirectorPr Sharon Walker
Head Spiritual DirectorPr Doug Givan
Music ChaMark Hollman
Music ChaDenise Hollman
Head Chapel ChaTim Kean
Asst Chapel ChaKim Silence
Head Rollo Room ChaJim Herr
Asst Rollo Room ChaDonna Effner
Palanca ChaTony Watkins
Table ChaWill Coleman
Table ChaJulie Dunn
Table ChaDeb Magnuson
Table ChaDavid Rump
Head Kitchen ChaLisa Rump
Asst Kitchen ChaRandy Effner
Kitchen ChaJulie Dongoski
Kitchen ChaVerne Hanson
Kitchen ChaSharon Holden
Kitchen ChaDeb Walburn
Kitchen ChaJeremy Ford
Ideal ProfessorJim Hogle
Laity ProfessorKris Nevitt
Piety ProfessorKathy Issacs
Study ProfessorPaula Conarroe
Apostolic Action ProfessorLarry Kemp
Leaders ProfessorRay Smith
Environment ProfessorMary Pat Burrous
CCA ProfessorTony Dunn
Silent ProfessorMark Miller Jr.
Roving ChaJim Hogle
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