#49 Men’s South

Rector – Jim Hogle

Lutheran Hills, Sep 9-12, 2004

#49 Men's South

“Being made right with God by his grace, we could have the hope of receiving the life that never ends”
Titus 3:7

Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Jim Hogle Rector 1 John Crawford
Lance Bauer Music Cha 2 Ralph Colley
Jeffrey Buse Prof – Study 3 Dale Willman
Scott Buse Prof – Ideal 4 John Rohe
John Conner Palanca 5 Ron Goltry
Mark Cupp Prof – AA 6 Kevin Meyer
Steve Dedert Table 7 Andrew Yeager
Justin Gast Table 8 Tom McKinley
Shawn Hall Kitchen 9 James Flynn
Verne Hanson Head Rollo Room 10 Scott Poore
Peter Harris Piety 11 Donnie Wagner
Dan Helfen Table 12 Rainer Rogers
Dennis Johnson Prof – Leaders 13 Kevin Patty
Joe Kempf Prof – Environment 14
Enrique Lima Kitchen 15
Hans Loyda Prof – CCA 16
Steve Middleton Kitchen 17
Mike Mitchell Head Kitchen Cha 18
Greg O’ Connor Table 19
Bob Pierce Prof – Silent 20
Rich Rager Head Cha 21
Earl Rapp Asst. Chapel Cha 22
Phil Rottet Prof – Silent 23
Pete Rump Head Chapel Cha 24
Dave Smith Kitchen 25
Kurt Sorensen Assistant Kitchen Cha 26
Rich Steele Prof – Laity 27
Scott Stevens Kitchen 28
Dan Stocks Kitchen 29
Brian Tonsoni Table 30
Jeff Warning Asst. Rollo Room Cha 31
Doug Givan Head Spiritual Director 32
Gene Voss Spiritual Director 33
Quentin Small Spiritual Director 34

Weekend Rosters

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