#51 Men’s South

Rector – Kevin Messmer

Lutheran Hills – Mar 3-6, 2005

#51 Men's South

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”
Psalm 119:105

Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet

  • The dark path represents our Journey on this earth we walk prior to truly knowing Jesus and the dark spots represent the trials and tribulations we experience while on this earth.
  • Upon knowing Jesus we walk towards his loving Light.
  • The blood stained light from the cross turns into bright day light to give us hope and directs our daily walk.
  • We are walking towards the Bible and our daily path is being directed by the Bible; indeed this is our “Walking with the Lord”.
  • Our Bible is open and the pages are being read, studied and meditated upon
  • The message within the Bible is larger than any of our earthly problems or social issue we may have.
  • The green grass becomes darker as we walk towards the message contained within Holy Scripture. “The grass is greener on the other side”; the side of Christ and His message & way of life.
  • See the truth of the Scripture and that Jesus died for me (with my name on the picture).
  • See the silhouette of us all looking forward with outstretched arms accepting Christ and the truth of His Word as our Personal Savior and our Guide and not looking back.
  • As we do walk with God… He basks us with His Light; His Love.

Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Kevin Messmer Rector 1 Jerry Cashion
Lance Bauer Music Cha 2 Terry Clark
Alvin Braun Table Cha 3 Jim Culver
Ernie Brinegar Head Kitchen Cha 4 Ron Goltry
Kenny Browning Table Cha 5 Paul Grammer
Wes Bucher Silent Professor 6 Chip Morris
Scott Buse Rollo Room Cha 7 Jason Underhill
Jeff Buse Palanca Cha 8 Michael Warren
Brent Christensen Leaders Professor 9 Steve Weber
Roger Domina Assistant Rollo Room Cha 10 Brian Peterson
Tony Gray Head Cha 11 Nathan Dickerson
Danny Helfen Head Chapel Cha 12 Doug Mueller
Steve Klotz Table Cha 13 Jim Rouse
Enrique Lima Study Professor 14 Robert Nowakowski
Kevin Meyer Kitchen Cha 15 Benjamin Crill
Roger Miller Kitchen Cha 16 Tony Gayhart
Andy Morris Laity Professor 17 Keith Sholander
Dave Nilson Table Cha 18 Jason Misner
Brad Philbrick Silent Professor 19 Mel Schroeder
Bob Pierce Kitchen Cha 20 Mark Friend
Don Prusz Piety Professor 21 Bill Bauer
Phil Rottet Kitchen Cha 22 Daniel Stallings
Pete Schaffrick Assistant Kitchen Cha 23 Brent Marksberry
John Schutte Table Cha 24 Norman Erickson
Pr. David Shockey Spiritual Director 25 Tom Irwin
Bill Smith Assistant Chapel Cha 26 Jim Nevitt
Ray Smith Kitchen Cha 27 Herman Wyssbrod
Kurt Sorenson Apostolic Action Professor 28 Joe Sachen
Rich Steele Kitchen Cha 29
Pastor David Stephey Head Spiritual Director 30
Dan Stocks CCA Professor 31
Pastor Bob Sullivan Spiritual Director 32
Wes Wells Environment Professor 33
Carl Wening Ideal Professor 34

Weekend Rosters

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