#55 Men’s South

Rector – Jerry Schnarr

Camp Lakeview – Seymour, IN – Feb 23-26, 2006

#55 Mens South

Rejoice in the Lord always! Again, I say Rejoice!
Philippians 4:4

Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Jerry Schnarr Rector 1 Jeremy Breeden
Dave Nilsen Head Cha 2 Bill Bryden
Augie Bauer Music Cha 3 Alex Cain
Roger Miller Palanca Cha 4 Raymond Chase
Bruce Katterhenry Head RR 5 Marty Dick
Chuck Rackley Asst. RR 6 Dave Fisher
Mike Phillips Table Cha 7 Chet Gentry
Bill White Table Cha 8 Russell Herrick
Tony Gayhart Table Cha 9 Craig Holocher
Chad Sickbert Table Cha 10 Gene Jacoby
Chris Otte Table Cha 11 Fred Kirchhoff
Carl Wening Head Kitchen 12 Jeff Kranning
Rick Meyer Asst. Kitchen 13 Dan Livingston
Joe Sachen Kitchen Cha 14 Mike Montgomery
Ron Eckart Kitchen Cha 15 Jim Morley
Shawn Hall Kitchen Cha 16 Mike Murray
John Patterson Kitchen Cha 17 Ken Pendleton
Herman Wyssbrod Kitchen Cha 18 Bob Poor
Dave Scheid Kitchen Cha 19 Matt Poynter
Jim Hogle  Kitchen Cha 20 Tom Richards
Jeff Buse Head Chapel 21 Joe Rudy
Rich Rager Asst. Chapel 22 Terry Stemle
Dave Shockey Head Spiritual Director 23 Kyle Wieneke
Paul Hegele Spiritual Director 24
Tim Kraemer Spiritual Director 25
Matt Tangman Ideal 26
Allen Berkshire Laity 27
Steve Klotz Piety 28
Jerry Robinson Study 29
Ernie Bringegar Leaders 30
Andy Morris Apostolic Action 31
Scott Buse Environment 32
Phil Rottet CCA 33
Ron Goltry Silent 34
Richard Barber Silent 35
Albert Schnarr Special Cha 36

Weekend Rosters

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