#63 Men’s North

Rector – Jeff Yoder

Lutherhaven, Albion IN – October 22 – 25, 2009

#63 Men's North

“Do not merely listen to the word and in doing so, deceive yourselves, do what it says.”
James 1:22

Weekend Rosters

Team   Pilgrims
Yoder, Jeff Rector 1 Augustus Berry Come2Go Lutheran Fort Wayne, IN
Laidlaw, Jim Head Cha 2 Bob Blackwood Come2Go Lutheran Fort Wayne, IN
Borden, RD Music Cha 3 Mark Capper Broadway Christian Fort Wayne, IN
Knapp, Clair Palanca Cha 4 Dave Clark Christ the Savior Lutheran Fishers, IN
Miller, Mark Head RR 5 Bill Christie  Salem Lutheran Indianapolis, IN
Irmscher, Kim Asst. RR 6 Larry Long Come2Go Lutheran Fort Wayne, IN
Doyle, Michael Table Cha 7 Marvin Mikesell Kewanna Baptist Kewanna, IN
Hehman, Marty Table Cha 8 Chris Treace The Point Fort Wayne, IN
Shears, Mike Table Cha 9 Dave Treumuth Pathways Community Church Fort Wayne, IN
Potter, Greg Table Cha 10 David Waldren Broadway Christian Church Fort Wayne, IN
Stark, MIke Table Cha 11 John Ware Southwest Lutheran Fort Wayne, IN
Henderson, Shawn Head Kitchen 12 MIke Greener    
Gold, Chuck Asst. Kitchen 13      
Burris, David Kitchen Cha 14      
Winter, Fred Kitchen Cha 15      
Inskeep, Bob Kitchen Cha 16      
Clifton, Mike Kitchen Cha 17      
Heitmann, Paul Kitchen Cha 18      
Lawson, Dennis Head Chapel 19      
Potter, John Asst. Chapel 20      
Minnick, Pr. Mark Spiritual Director 21      
Cress, Pr. Jim Spiritual Director 22      
Frazier, Pr. Richard Spiritual Director 23      
Willman, Eric Ideal 24      
Steadman, John Laity 25      
Swoverland, Trent Piety 26      
Lynn, George Study 27      
London, John Leaders 28      
Smith, Pat Apostolic Action 29      
Kahlenbeck, Bill Environment 30      
Tyler, Doug CCA 31      
Yoder, Brandon Silent 32      
Powers, Perry Silent 33      

Weekend Rosters

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