#66 Men’s North

Rector – John London

LDM Sonrise Camp, Anderson – Oct 6 – 9 2011

#66 Men's North

Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried, and rose again the third day according to the scriptures.
1 Cor 15: 3-4

Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Name Position Name Church City
John London Rector 1 Rodney Lomax Spirit of Joy Indianapolis
Mark Miller Head Cha 2 Brian Pratt Fort Wayne
Joe Rudy Music Cha 3 Mike Lewkowicz Bethel Lutheran Noblesville
Jerry Judt Palanca Cha 4 Rick Rix
Greg Frazier Head RR 5 Joshua Luecking Garfield Christian Church Indianapolis
Wes Wells Asst. RR 6 Gene Schwartzkopf
Dennis Declercq Table Cha 7 Dave Vandergrift Spirit of Joy Indianapolis
Jeff Ingle Table Cha 8 Bill Maag Avalon Missionary Fort Wayne
Jon Jordan Table Cha 9 Micah McClain
Greg Teegarden Table Cha 10
Table Cha 11
Steve Siroky Head Kitchen 12
Matt Forsthoefel Asst. Kitchen 13
Ben Crill Kitchen Cha 14
Ron Miller Kitchen Cha 15
Jason Pearson Kitchen Cha 16
Greg Potter Kitchen Cha 17
Matt Randall Kitchen Cha 18
Hank Starkey Kitchen Cha 19
John Potter Head Chapel 20
John Patterson Asst. Chapel 21
Pr. Mark Wilhelm Spiritual Director 22
Pr. David Hewitt Spiritual Director 23
Spiritual Director 24
Terry Buchholz Ideal 25
Bob Inskeep Laity 26
Clair Knapp Piety 27
Charles Hornaday Study 28
Sean Rice Leaders 29
Pat Woodworth Apostolic Action 30
Kevin Smith Environment 31
Jim Laidlaw CCA 32
Phil Reinking Silent 33
Phil Roberts Silent 34
Verne Hanson Special 35

Weekend Rosters

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