#67 Men’s South

Rector – Jim Palecek

Camp Lakeview, Seymour, IN – March 1 – 4 2012

#67 Men's South

…his faith and actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did.
James 2:22

Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Name Position Name Church City
Jim Palecek Rector 1 David Crigler Hopeful Lutheran Florence, KY
Greg Frazier Head Cha 2 Richard Wilson Cross & Crown Indianapolis, IN
Pr. Tim Kraemer Head Spiritual Director 3 Kenneth McCune Bethlehem Lutheran Indianapolis, IN
Pr. Dave Shockey Spiritual Director 4 Tim McBarnes Scotland Christian Kirklin, IN
Pr. Pat Siegler Spiritual Director 5 Jeremy Randall Spirit of Joy Indianapolis, IN
Augie Bauer Music Cha 6 Tony Johnson Sr. Fountain of Faith Christian Louisville, KY
Dale Ankenman Head Chapel Cha 7 Glen Jenkins Harvest Church of God Louisville, KY
Todd Perry Asst Chapel Cha 8 Mark Fasel Community Church Indianapolis, IN
Hank Starkey Head Rollo Room Cha 9 Bill Martin Hebron Lutheran Hebron, KY
Roger Domina Asst Rollo Room Cha 10 Zach Mockbee Hopeful Lutheran Florence, KY
Tom Rasmussen Table Cha 11 Gary Eckard King of Glory Lutheran Carmel, IN
Tim Reeb Table Cha 12 Devoe Slisher Salem Indianapolis, IN
John Schutte Table Cha 13 Rob O’Hara Mother of God Covington, KY
John Ugstad Table Cha 14 R. Dale Woolard Zionsville, IN
Fred Winter Head Kitchen Cha 15 Chuck Hazelrigg King of Glory Carmel, IN
Ray Smith Asst Kitchen Cha 16 Carl Calcamuggio King of Glory Carmel, IN
Terry Buchholz Kitchen Cha 17 Paul Jones Scotland Christian Kirklin, IN
Luke Deaton Kitchen Cha 18 Mark Day Hebron Lutheran Hebron, KY
Tim Gurren Kitchen Cha 19
Harvey Pelley Kitchen Cha 20
Craig Tieman Kitchen Cha 21
Tom Walsh Palanca Cha 22
Doug Mueller Ideal Professor 23
Dennis DeClercq Laity Professor 24
Ez Siegler Piety Professor 25
Steven Gray Study Professor 26
Tom Farrar Apostolic Action Professor 27
Bob Inskeep Leaders Professor 28
Wes Bucher Environment Professor 29
Brian Schwarz CCA Professor 30
Randy Poisel Special Cha 31

Weekend Rosters

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