#67 Women’s North

Rector – Carol Warning

LDM Sonrise Camp, Anderson – Oct 6 – 9 2011

#67 Women's North

Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Name Position Name Church City
Carol Warning Rector 1 Beverley Abbott Trinity Lutheran Union City
Deb Laidlaw Head Cha 2 Marsha Bragg Bethel Lutheran Noblesville, IN
Yvonne Stewart Music Cha 3 Sheryl Copp The First Church of the Nazarene Jackson MI
Holly Watkins Palanca Cha 4 Debra Decker Dayspring Church
Inese Daiga Head RR 5 Katie Fields St. John’s Lutheran Anderson, IN
Suzy Patterson Asst. RR 6 Barb Gray St. James Lutheran Greenfield, IN
Diana Clements-Scott Table Cha 7 Maggie Hoover First Christian Francesville, IN
Ann Lynn Keplar Table Cha 8 Michele Lauer E 91st St Christian Church Indianapolis, IN
Kelly A Krug Table Cha 9 Wendy Maddy East 91st Christian Church Indianapolis, IN
Table Cha 10
Marion Loyda Head Kitchen 11
Karen Minnis Asst. Kitchen 12
Linda Dauss Kitchen Cha 13
Kim Hiatt Kitchen Cha 14
Shirley Neale Kitchen Cha 15
Sue Miller Kitchen Cha 16
Kim Silence Kitchen Cha 17
Beth Uland Kitchen Cha 18
Amy Watkins Head Chapel 19
Wanda Henderson Asst. Chapel 20
Pr. Sharon Walker H Spiritual Director 21
Pr. DJ Smith Spiritual Director 22
Spiritual Director 23
Ashley Warning Ideal 24
Chris Sorensen Laity 25
Terri Hanson Piety 26
Kris Nevitt Study 27
Theresa Hoover Leaders 28
Pamela Snyder Apostolic Action 29
Michelle Koerner Environment 30
Dawn Zion CCA 31
Kristin Wells Special Cha 32
Sondra Potter Silent Professor 33

Weekend Rosters

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