#8 Coed South

Rector – Joan Kotz

Camp Kavanaugh – Crestwood, KY – August 27 – 30, 2009

#8 Coed's South

“My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me.”
John 10:27

Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Joan Klotz Rector 1 Sherry Davis Christ Lutheran Jeffersontown, KY
Linda Gayhart Head Cha 2 Marilyn Dharamsey Crestwood Baptist Crestwood, KY
Tony Gayhart Palanca Cha 3 Chad Ely Hebron Lutheran Hebron, KY
Chet Gentry Head RR 4 Rachel Ely Hebron Lutheran Hebron, KY
Steve Klotz Asst. RR 5 Carrie Engelbrecht Salem Methodist Evansville, IN
Asst. RR 6 Eunice Fowler Hebron Lutheran Hebron, KY
Jane Farrar Table Cha 7 Jack Fowler Hebron Lutheran Hebron, KY
Robin Schwarz Table Cha 8 Paula Gentry First Baptist Church Shelbyville, KY
Beth Laehle Table Cha 9 John Heister Immanuel Lutheran Seymour, IN
Greg Doyon Table Cha 10 Harry Phillips Ascension Lutheran Louisville, KY
Mark Fuller Table Cha 11 Sue Phillips Ascension Lutheran Louisville, KY
Kendal Alstatt Table Cha 12 Justin Preston House of Prayer Lutheran Elizabethtown, KY
Becky Morris Head Kitchen 13 Brandon Price Hebron Lutheran Hebron, KY
Brian Schwarz Asst. Kitchen 14 John Short Hebron Lutheran Hebron, KY
Frances Kirchhoff Kitchen Cha 15 Shannon Short Hebron Lutheran Jeffersontown, KY
Barbara Wells Kitchen Cha 16 Julie Witzke Grace & Glory Lutheran Church Goshen, KY
Tom Farrar Kitchen Cha 17
Shafaat Dharamsey Kitchen Cha 18
Barbara Gentry Kitchen Cha 19
Katy Gray Kitchen Cha 20
Debbie Kloos Chapel Cha 21
Ron Eckhart Chapel Cha 22
Pr. Betsy Dartt Spiritual Director 23
Pr. DJ Smith Spiritual Director 24
Pr. Quentin Small Spiritual Director 25
Tami White Ideal 26
Eric Halderman Laity 27
Sandy Poisel Piety 28
Rick Kloos Study 29
Mike Montgomery Leaders 30
Teresa Browning Apostolic Action 31
Marty Dick Environment 32
Michelle Eckart CCA 33
Donna Effner Silent 34
Sarah Harvey Silent 35
Dale Ankenman Silent 36
Bruce Katterhenry Silent 37
Ray Chase Music Cha 38
Faye Ransome Special Cha 39

Weekend Rosters

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