#81 Womens

Rector – Sue Miller

Epworth Forest, North Webster, IN, Sep 19 – 22, 2019

Be still and know that I am God
Psalm 46:10

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Weekend Rosters

Team Pilgrims
Name Position Name Church City
Rector Sue Miller 1 Julie Dongoski Cornerstone Lutheran Fishers
Head Cha Chris Willman 2 Dayna Cancel Six Points Church Sheridan
Head Spiritual Director Pastor Jim Wetzel 3 Kris MCGrail Bethel Lutheran Noblesville
Spiritual Director Karla Bodie 4 Carol Tucker Holy Family Angola
Spiritual Director Hope Moran 5 Marty Heath Holy Family Angola
Music Cha Stephanie Yoder 6 Autumn Lewis Southwest Lutheran Ft Wayne
Head Chapel Cha Sandy Dunn 7
Asst Chapel Cha Katie Fields 8
Asst Chapel Cha Denise Hollman 9
Head Rollo Room Cha Barb Cox 10
Asst Rollo Room Cha Dawn Burris 11
Palanca Cha Amy Watkins 12
Table Cha Elizabeth Adamson 13
Table Cha Julie Dunn 14
Table Cha Marieta Fargo Boone 15
Head Kitchen Cha Jaime Zimmerman 16
Asst Kitchen Cha Lynette Landwehr 17
Kitchen Cha Diana Clements-Scott 18
Kitchen Cha Kathy Crone 19
Kitchen Cha Cheryl Irmscher 20
Kitchen Cha Terri Hanson 21
Kitchen Cha Jean Rump 22
Kitchen Cha Angie Sampiere 23
Kitchen Cha Kim Silence 24
Ideal Professor Kaye Judt 25
Laity Professor Cathy Willman 26
Piety Professor Mary Coffman 27
Study Professor Vicki Graft 28
Apostolic Action Professor Dionne Fleener 29
Leaders Professor Nancy Law 30
Environment Professor Kathy Isaacs 31
CCA Professor Suzy Patterson 32
Roving Cha Linda Dauss 33

Weekend Rosters

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